Solar Attic Fans

Solar-Powered Attic Fans in Greater Astoria and the North Coast

Also known as..

Solar-powered attic fans go by other names, such as:

  • Solar attic fan
  • Roof-mount attic fan
  • Solar-powered attic ventilator

Is a hot attic making your house uncomfortable and driving up your air-conditioning costs? This is a common problem throughout the southeastern U.S., and in many other parts of the country, too. On a sunny summer day, the temperature inside an attic can exceed 140 degrees. In a typical house, there may be only a few inches of attic insulation and some ½-in.-thick drywall separating that 140-degree attic from your living space. No wonder you have some rooms that are too hot!

Attic ventilation, powered by sunlight

Putting extra pressure on your air-conditioning system to overcome a super-hot attic isn’t a smart solution. Extending your AC run time will drive up your electric bill, while also making some parts of your house too cold. Since the sun is causing the problem, why not let the sun be part of the solution? Installing a solar-powered attic fan can help lower attic temperatures by improving attic ventilation. Once installed, your solar attic fan operates for free, powered by the sun.

A solar-powered attic can be mounted on your roof, or on the gable- end of your house. Advanced models have a built-in thermostat that automatically turns the fan on and off at specific attic temperatures.

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BONUS! Federal tax credits are in place to promote the use of renewable energy. Make sure to ask your contractor about tax credits or rebates that may apply in your area.

Keys to success when installing a solar attic fan

  • Get the right size. The larger your attic, the more ventilation you need. An experienced installer will be able to install a fan (or several fans) that will provide adequate ventilation. It may also be necessary to upgrade “passive” attic ventilation by installing soffit, gable-end or ridge vents.
  • Position for maximum solar exposure. The solar panel that powers the fan needs to be exposed to direct sunlight. Make sure that trees or other objects don’t shade the solar panel.
  • Hire an experienced installer. It’s not necessary to have an electrician install a solar-powered attic fan. But it’s important to hire an experienced installer who can complete a watertight, attractive installation.

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