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Vicinity of Marine Dr in Astoria
We need our air conditioning system serviced. Please, contact me to arrange a date for service/repairs. Thank you.
Vicinity of Irving Ave. in Astoria
I have an historic house that is still using oil heat. I am interested in upgrading to a ductless heating system with room for expansion for when we finish off the attic in a few years.
Vicinity of Pleasant in Astoria
Looking to get cost estimate on replacing/upgrading attic insulation and also possible heat pump/gas furnace
Vicinity of in Astoria
Renter at house notified me (landlord in Portland) that furnace is not working. Need to get it looked at as soon as possible.
Vicinity of McClure Ave. in Astoria
I have a water pump that is making lots of noise. Getting worse quickly and we have the whole system shut down now. Boiler in basement has always heated downstairs but nothing at all upstairs (two pumps). Suddenly there is noise from the pump associated with that system (the one that runs water to the 2nd story) and noise in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Still no heat but noise is a good sign for us - we want it to work. Hoping to hear from you right away. My mom is visiting from San Diego and "freezing". :-)
Vicinity of in Astoria
I need attic insulation installed. Would prefer not to do blow in and would like to use R-38 if possible.
Vicinity of Sonora Ave in Astoria
Hello. we would like a furnace safety check, cleaning and routine maintenance
Vicinity of in Astoria
The thermostat for the kitchen Douvre heating stove isn't working. The pilot light is on but I can't get it to kick onto heating mode.
Vicinity of G Road in Astoria
Gas hot water heater is not working
Vicinity of Meyer Lane in Astoria
We recently purchased a home with baseboard electric heating as the main heating source. We would like to explore other options including running hvac ducting and heat pump systems that would reduce our energy consumption and cost over time. Thank you!
Vicinity of Lexington Ave in Astoria
Uneven heating throughout house.
Vicinity of in Astoria
We need a new water heater and need a quote on getting this installed. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Astoria
I moved into a new home recently. The furnace is fairly old. Everything is running fine but it's been awhile since anyone has used it and I'd like a quote as to how much to have it serviced.
Vicinity of Alameda Ave (but Enter From W. Lexington!) in Astoria
Since I got home from work today, my gas furnace is blowing all the time, but not reaching the setting on my thermostat. A neighbor has said he thinks it's blowing way too rich outside, too--and it does smell bad outside. I keep the house cool, so have it set around 63 while I'm gone during the day; 67 or 68 in the evenings when I'm home, and 57 or so at night. It's 9:30 p.m. now and I set it at 68 around 5:00 p.m.; it hasn't stopped blowing since then and the temp is now 65: it's just been inching up all night. You did an annual check and new filter in April; I know the unit is old. It may be Time ... but I'd like to wait till Monday, I think, unless you think this sounds dangerous. Thanks!
Vicinity of Kensington Ave in Astoria
Our heater is overdue for a maintenance service, and our electronically-controlled fireplace won't light.
Vicinity of Bagley Lane in Astoria
I have a 1978 manufactured home and I am thinking the heater is the original and went out completely. I was wondering how much would it be to get someone out to look at it to fix it or replace it. How soon could someone get out to my place to look at it? Thank you in advance
Vicinity of in Astoria
Furnace inspection
Vicinity of Leif Erickson Drive in Astoria
We have a home built in 1926. I have several windows that need to be replaced. We are trying to decide if we want to replace the entire window or go with your system.
Vicinity of Simonsen Rd in Astoria
2 regular size bedroom window replacements. Nothing too fancy.
Vicinity of Lincoln St in Astoria
Hi - I Wanted to see if you would be interested in giving a bid on a heating system for a home in Astoria. Currently there is a Trane furnace but I am not sure of the condition. Duct work would need to restored as well. Cheers Steff
Vicinity of Grand Avenue in Astoria
Need replacement 40 gallon, natural gas, short size hot water heater replacement. Inquiring cost. Thank you!
Vicinity of in Astoria
I'd like to have someone inspect my current furnace and give me a report on the condition. Most likely will need a quote for a replacement.

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